01. Circuit Bent Teeth
02. Indie Rockstar 101
03. Crushed
04. Dont Go Near the Water
05. Why Can't I Dream (Mantooth Machine Mix)
06. Brainbasher 2.0
07. A Study in Audiology
08. One Famous Defect
09. Erotic Circuitry
10. Use This Song For Car Commercials
11. Taking It For What It's Worth
12. Hate is For People With Hearts
13. The Butterfly Reject

Credits & Thanks:

Composed by Jonathan C. Gonken //////// Mastered by Ryan Crawford //////// Artwork by John Leroux

"Gonken would like to thank (in no particular order): Mom & Dad along with the rest of the fam, Phia & Max, Jeremiah, Steve, Sarah, Brandon B., Verse, John and let's not forget about Mantooth Soundsystem!

I'd also like thank everyone who's come out to my shows, bought my albums, downloaded the free shit, and helped share my art with the rest of the world- you are the reason I still do what I do.

/////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////

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